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Relationships over products

Simona Mancusi, originally from Italy, helps companies and institutions create better procedures. She is deeply interested in investigating and developing the way we act together. Social interactions are far more interesting than products, she says.

Twenty-five-year-old Simona Mancusi speaks enthusiastically about how she gets different professional groups to develop better procedures for collaboration or communication. She works as a service designer in the Swedish company Tenco AB that optimizes processes and procedures for companies and institutions.

- What makes it so interesting is that you work with things you can’t see. The social mechanisms and interactions between us. It is extremely exciting to identify and work on these things. For me, it's far more interesting and challenging than working with physical products, she says.

Helping doctors, healthcare professionals and patients

In one of the projects Simona Mancusi is working on, she will help a hospital department improve communication between doctors, other healthcare professionals and patients.

- Initially, it’s about mapping the frustrations and unmet needs of the different parties. We then compare them, find the underlying causes and, in conjunction with all the parties, draw up a plan for how the processes can be changed for the better, she says.

The goal is to solve the problems that may arise in the interaction between people with different backgrounds in an organization, define common goals and develop the best methods to achieve them.

Trained to think in processes

Simona Mancusi holds a professional master’s degree in Service Systems Design from Aalborg University and has been associated with Tenco since her studies. First as a part-time student worker and the last year since she graduated as a permanent staff member.

- We immediately noticed Simona's curious approach to people and contexts, says Adriana Azinovic, Head of Innovation and Co-Founder of Tenco.

She has in-depth knowledge of design methodologies and tools, but the creative way she manages to adapt them to different contexts is what makes all the difference when developing innovative solutions.


Although the programme naturally equipped Simona Mancusi academically, she herself mentions the mindset she was presented with at the university as one of the most important things for her in her current work.

- It wasn't something we were taught as such, but more something I absorbed. Thinking in terms of processes and thinking into the future. Constantly being aware of where a process should lead, what steps need to be taken to get there and which method would be the best.