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Louise Gram Hildebrandt links user-friendliness and business goals

As a UX consultant at IMPACT, Louise Gram Hildebrandt help ensures that the company's solutions are as easy to use as possible and also meet its business goals.

Louise Gram Hildebrandt, a graduate of Interaction Design at the Department of Computer Science, Aalborg University, works as a UX consultant at IMPACT, a consulting company that develops and operates e-commerce solutions. She believes that the programme gave her a very practical approach to her work:

− Through my education, I acquired a number of very concrete methods and tools that I have been able to use directly in my work. It's about how we get the user through a journey in the most user-friendly way, while focusing on the business. Louise's work consists of clarifying the functional requirements for solutions through interviews with users and other stakeholders, doing qualitative analyses and communicating the results to IMPACT's development department. She is then involved in tests with customers.

− My most important task is to listen to the users, draw sketches and write user stories and then discuss the optimal solution with the developers. For me, it's very much about the functionalities of the solution and building something that makes sense to the users. In the end, this is also what helps meet the business goals that are the success criterion in e-commerce, says Louise.

Communication and collaboration 

Communication and collaboration are thus an important part of the work and something that the company is also very focused on when hiring new employees, says Christine Dencker Kjærgaard, Director, Experience, IMPACT:

Louise had the energy and desire to become a consultant. There is a big difference between being a UX consultant internally in a company that makes a product versus in a consulting company like ours, which is something I always talk to new graduates about. Our work is very much about communicating and collaborating with customers, and I sensed that Louise would be good at that.

She emphasizes that as a UX consultant, Louise has an important and crucial role in helping the company design and develop digital products with the right experience for the target group.

As a UX consultant, Louise is central to our project team and to the customer, and the good, basic UX toolbox that she brought with her from her studies made it relatively easy for her to work her way into IMPACT's UX process


Aalborg spirit  

In addition to specific skills, according to Louise, the programme gave her a certain approach to work:

− It may sound a bit overstated, but there is actually a special spirit at Aalborg University that means you really learn to work in groups where you learn a lot about yourself and the role you can fill in a team.
She has never doubted, even for a moment, that she landed in the right place:

− I’m in a really good workplace and really enjoy helping to drive a development process. I can also see a clear connection between my education in Interaction Design and what I do on a daily basis in my work. So both in terms of my education and my job, the choice has been just right for me.