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good scientific practice

good scientific practice

What is good scientific practice?

The Technical Faculty of IT and Design defines good scientific practice in compliance with The Danish Code of Conduct for Research Integrity and refer to the AAU Practice Committee

Violation of good scientific practice

In the Act on the Research Advisory System, scientific dishonesty is defined as: “Falsification, fabrication, plagiarism and other serious violation of good scientific practice committed willfully or grossly negligent by planning, performance or reporting research results.” The DCSD ministerial order enumerates a number of examples of what this definition includes and notes that the concept does not include questions concerning the quality or validity of scientific works.


Guidelines (effective July 1 2017) is accesible through the AAU Practice Committee website:

Students are not covered by these guidelines. The current rules for students can be found at:

Declaration of compliance with good scientific practice

A signed declaration of compliance with good scientific practice must be forwarded to the Doctoral School prior to the submission of a PhD thesis and a doctoral dissertation:

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