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Press and media information

Press and media information

Journalists and media who want to get in touch with researchers or learn more about research and study programs at the Technical Faculty of IT and Design are welcome to write to our press department at ins-presse@adm.aau.dk  or contact our journalist Hiva Ahmadi (hiah@adm.aau.dk - Phone: +45 9940 3520 Mobile: +45 2220 6869).

You can also find experts and researchers at Aalborg University who are ready to answer questions on specific topics. Find AAU experts at vbn.aau.dk 
Press releases and news from the University can be found at en.aau.dk/news/?page=1

Photo gallery

Photos of the university’s buildings, the Dean, etc., can be downloaded here.(only in danish)

Questions about pictures and questions on other types of imagery can be sent to the press department.

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If you are an employee or a student at AAU and you have a suggestion for a topic, a project or an event that the press department should look at then fill out this form.

press contact

Technical Faculty of IT and Design
Niels Jernes Vej 10
Room: B-020
9220Aalborg Ø, DK


Hiva Ahmadi
Phone: +45 9940 3520
Mobile: +45 2220 6869


Nelly Sander
Phone: +45 9940 2018