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Opportunity for Talented TECH Students

Opportunity for Talented TECH Students

A new ambitious talent program offers extra academic challenges to Master’s students at the Technical Faculty of IT and Design. The program aims to strengthen the programs and retain and develop students with special abilities and interests

Last modified: 27.06.2018

Master’s students at TECH are being offered a great opportunity during their program. The faculty is offering a brand new program – TECH TALENTS – targeted to particularly talented students. The program is divided into two profiles: Innovation & Entrepreneurship and Research/Researcher.

Entrepreneurship, innovation and research

With the new talent program TECH wants to strengthen the programs, retain and foster talented students and thus is providing additional challenges for especially talented and dedicated students. The activities are intended to inspire a career path in entrepreneurship/innovation or research and will include, for example, preparing business cases or producing research articles.

– We want to give Master’s students the best opportunities to cultivate their talent – and gain knowledge and insight on the job opportunities out there. AAU aims to be at the forefront, and we want to put a focus on talented students and offer programs of the highest quality, says Jakob Stoustrup, Vice Dean for Education at TECH.

Staying on top

Jakob Stoustrup is really looking forward to this new offer taking effect and stresses the importance of cultivating talent.  – If AAU wants to remain among the world's best universities, it is essential that we focus on recruitment, retention and development of talented Master’s students. And this is regardless of whether it applies to research or innovative and entrepreneurial skills. Spotting and attracting talented students is highly competitive, says Jakob Stoustrup. 

In the long term, it is possible that the offer will be extended to all Master’s students at AAU.


This is an extracurricular activity and participation must not delay the student's progress through their program.
Students can apply for admission to TECH TALENTS up to September 20.
All applications received are evaluated by an assessment committee for each of the two profiles so that the most suitable applicants are offered admission.
The first group starts up in November 2018.
For registration and further information go to the website: www.en.tech.aau.dk/education-programmes/tech-talents



Jakob Stoustrup, Vice Dean for Education, Tel.: 99 40 96 32, prodekan-tech-udd@aau.dk

Pia Rosenquist Kruse, Project Manager, TECH Management Secretariat, Tel.: 23 37 15 60, prk@adm.aau.dk