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Inspiration Day 2018 for Poul Due Jensen Foundation

Inspiration Day 2018 for Poul Due Jensen Foundation

For the third year in a row, representatives from the Poul Due Jensen Foundation were on a spring visit at AAU. The foundation wanted to learn about selected areas of research at TECH and ENGINEERING and to hear more about what the researchers are working on

Last modified: 29.06.2018

In mid-June, Christian Hartvig, Executive Director, and Poul Toft Frederiksen, Program Manager, Research, of the Poul Due Jensen Foundation pulled into the parking lot at Niels Jernes Vej 10 for a day of inspiration. Here they were received by TECH's Vice Dean for Research, Torben Larsen, official host for the visit where the two foundation members would be presented with a number of researchers and research areas at TECH and ENGINEERING.


Presentations and guided tours

The visit was an entire day of presentations by researchers from Computer Science, Electronic Systems, Materials and Production, Chemistry and Bioscience, and Civil Engineering – including tours of several selected laboratories.

Christian Hartvig and Poul Toft Frederiksen also had an informal lunch meeting with the management of TECH and ENGINEERING, including Deans Mogens Rysholt Poulsen and Henrik Pedersen and Vice Deans Torben Larsen and Lars Porskjær Christensen where they discussed future opportunities for cooperation and relevant areas of research.


Research driven by researchers

Torben Larsen was extremely satisfied with the visit which has almost become a tradition. In any case, it was the third year in a row that representatives of the foundation made a spring visit.

– A bit unusual in the Danish funding landscape, the Poul Due Jensen Foundation puts considerable emphasis on foundational, bottom-up research, i.e., researcher-driven research. Therefore, they are also really looking to support those who have “fire in the belly” so to speak. Our researchers showed across the board that they have what it takes, something the two guests also noted as the day drew to a close.

The two faculties involved are already are planning another visit for the spring of 2019.



  • The Poul Due Jensen Foundation was established in 1975 by Poul Due Jensen, founder of the pump company Grundfos.
  • The foundation supports technical and natural science research environments of interest to Grundfos.
  • Learn more about Poul Due Jensen's Fund here