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Audio Analysis Lab Handpicked by Chinese Elite Students

Audio Analysis Lab Handpicked by Chinese Elite Students

Two particularly talented Chinese PhD students land at AAU after the summer holiday where they have chosen to do part of their education at the Audio Analysis Lab. Like two recent predecessors, they are coming thanks to a grant from the prestigious CSC program in China

Last modified: 29.06.2018

The Audio Analysis Lab at the Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology again welcomes exchange students from China after the summer vacation. Two talented PhD students from Beijing University of Technology and Harbin Institute of Technology, both being top universities in China, wished to do one and two years of their studies, respectively, with the Danish research group.

Pride in international talented students

Mads Græsbøll Christensen, Professor and Director of the Audio Analysis Lab is delighted that the group can attract talent from abroad.

– We’ve just had two other students with us on the same grants, so we are now up to four here on grants from the CSC program over the last few years. It is a very prestigious and competitive program, and the students only go to the best places in the world, so this is a great honor for us, he says.

The CSC grants are awarded by the CSC organization, which is a non-profit organization affiliated with China’s Ministry of Education.

Speech signal processing at CREATE

Yingke Zhao of Northwestern Polytechnical University in China is one of the PhD students already spending her days in the Audio Analysis Lab at The Department of Architecture, Design, and Media Technology. She was awarded a two-year stipend through the CSC program – based on her Master’s thesis in Information and Communication Technology – to work with speech signal processing, a field that includes speech enhancement, beamforming and distributed speech signal processing.

According to Yingke Zhao there are actually three reasons why she chose Aalborg University and the Audio Analysis Lab.

– AAU is a high-level university, and it is a great opportunity for me to be able to work with the very best professors and researchers in my area. In addition, work is being done at the Audio Analysis Lab on topics within my area, as well as other topics that I’m very interested in.

She has greatly benefitted from the courses she has followed, and finds the study environment and way of working at AAU really appealing.

– When a problem comes up in my research I can always discuss it with my supervisors and other PhD students. I really appreciate that aspect and I’m really enjoying my time here at AAU, she says.