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The criteria for entrance will be a combination of grades (minimum average of 10) and an interview, while recommendation from supervisors/teachers in the previous semesters is a plus. A number of students will be invited to an interview. Based on the interview and the students’ grades the highest rated students will be offered an opportunity to be enrolled in the program. Please note that both grades from courses and projects will be taken into account. There is no requirement for minimum number of participants to run the program, but the program has a maximum of no more than 12 students per year. Optionally, the student may submit her or his project idea within the application, which will help to seek for a matching supervisor.

Application requirements

In order to be accepted on the programme, students must send a letter of motivation, including the following:

  • Commitment to contribute an extraordinary effort, including extra time
  • Thoughts on which competences the student already possesses and which competences he or she still lacks
  • CV
  • Diploma (if any)

Assessment committee

All applications are evaluated according to the above criteria by a committee. The latter consists of chosen members from AAU who are especially qualified to assess a student’s innovative or entrepreneurial potential. The committee members are nominated by the Dean of the Faculty of IT and Design for a period of two years. The pro-dean is ex officio member and chairman:

  • Jakob Stoustrup, Vice Dean, Education, TECH (chairman)
  • Petar Popovski, Professor, Department of Electronic Systems
  • Luis Emilio Bruni, Associate Professor, Deparment of Architecture, Design and Media Technology
  • Torben Bach Pedersen, Professor, Department of Computer Science
  • Poul Alberg Østergaard, Professor, Department of Planning

The committee’s decision is based on a combination of the application and a personal interview with the student as well as his or her average grade. The committee’s decision is final.


Next Application deadline is 20th September 2019. There is one annual take-in.

In October, you and your supervisor(s) are informed about the outcome of your application. 

Application template

Download application template for the Research Profile under TECH Talents



TECH Talents