for students who want to go an extra mile

The TECH Talents programme is tailor-made for students wishing to improve their research or entrepreneurial skills even further during their masters studies. Participants will join one of the master’s programme offered under the Technical Faculty of IT and Design (check to see, if you want to see which educations and institutes and students that can participate) meet the normal syllabus requirement of that programme. In the Tech Talent programme, additional activities are organised and students will work in close collaboration with a supervisor – typically in one or two person groups.

The TECH Talents programme has two different profiles:

the Research profile (REP)

A researcher is good at asking all kinds of questions and then delve into finding the answers. A researcher does not stop at books and articles, trusting others’ answers. A researcher does not believe in something, just because others say it is so. Researchers want to explore and find the answers for themselves.

In the research profile programme, you will be working closely with your supervisor, facilitating hands-on experience as a researcher. If you dream of embarking upon a research career after graduation, this is your opportunity to try out life as a researcher before graduation. Explore the research profile here or click below.

the Innovation/entrepreneurship profile (I&E)

An entrepreneur is a creative and inventive person. An entrepreneur wants to invent new products, facilitate new processes and make things happen. An entrepreneur starts new initiatives, is tireless and passionate, and most of all – he or she is innovative. 

As an innovation/entrepreneurship profile, you will get the opportunity to get extra training in innovation and entrepreneurship. If you want to know more about innovation and entrepreneurship before you pursue your dream of becoming an innovator or entrepreneur, this is for you. Explore the innovation/entrepreneurship profile here or click below.

Application & prerequisites

Admission will take place upon specific academic assessment. Read more and apply here.

Contact & Guidance

Please contact us if you have questions regarding the programme, admission, etc