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PBL Digital@TECH


Whether you create digital components to support your teaching or make use of the digital components produced by others, this is comprised by the copyright act.

General principles:

  • You own the copyright to the digital components created by yourself
  • You are always allowed to link to electronic texts - in contradiction to uploading and distributing full text documents
  • You are permitted to use YouTube videos, Vimeo videos and the like, if the copyright owner has uploaded the videos

There are many grey zones with regards to copyrights - if you wish to know more about this matter, we recommend that you browse the sites linked below.

PBL Digital@TECH

Project Managers:

Jens Myrup Pedersen: jens@es.aau.dk
Pia Rosenquist Kruse: prk@adm.aau.dk / phone 2337 1560