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PBL Digital@TECH

Digital Strategy regarding education and PBL

Initiatives in the Digital Strategy regarding education and Problem-Based Learning are:

  • Knowledge center for digital learning
    - closely linked to relevant AAU research environments, with decentralised units for targeting specific local initiatives

  • The development of digital learning methods
    - development of new pedagogical approaches and generic learning methods, together with supported implementation

  • Digital learning resources
    - pilot projects and cases exploring the use of digital learning resources and projects aiming to experiment with the students’ production of digital materials as part of their learning activities

  • Study environment and academic progression
    -  digitalisation projects aiming to strengthen a coherent study environment and increasing the students’ awareness and reflection on their own learning and progress

  • Digital skills included in curricula
    - incuding the students’ overall and academic digital skills in curricula, semester descriptions and module descriptions when relevant

PBL Digital@TECH

"AAU will establish and maintain the best possible framework conditions for the digital support of PBL. This will focus on the digital learning environment of AAU’s students and on developing strong teaching skills within digital learning.

AAU possesses strong academic skills in digital learning. We will use these strong academic skills as our basis for strengthening, developing and challenging the methods and practices of PBL through the application of digital opportunities."

Knowledge for the world - Digital strategy
Part of the AAU strategy 2016 to 2021

PBL Digital@TECH

TECH takes the lead in digitised teaching and learning. We are home of the UNESCO Center for Problem Based Learning in Engineering Science and Sustainability, and there is great potential in digital supported PBL.

Three different working groups are contributing with important background knowledge in the fields of:

The members of the working groups are:

Preliminary results of the working groups' studies are available on below links.

Project Managers:

Jens Myrup Pedersen: jens@es.aau.dk
Pia Rosenquist Kruse: prk@adm.aau.dk / phone 2337 1560