At the Technical Faculty of IT and Design, (TECH), our graduates are trained in electronics, architecture, design and planning for the labor market of the future. This means that we are continually ensuring that our program offerings meet the community’s needs for graduates, and that the content of the individual programs is relevant and based on the latest research.


Like the rest of Aalborg University, TECH programs take a project- and problem-based approach to learning. This means that students work together on analyzing specific problems. Usually, a number of projects throughout their studies will be done in conjunction with businesses or organizations that are faced with a specific issue. This close collaboration with businesses and organizations provides a unique ballast for pursuing a career in both the private and the public sector.


Students in the TECH programs will experience an attractive study environment where the focus is on collaboration and the problem- and project-oriented approach to learning. Through this method of study, they acquire competencies that are sought after by companies and organizations in the society of tomorrow. But not only that, it also creates fertile ground for a valuable, social student experience that for many will result in friendships and good relationships for life.